Louise Kugelberg is an Interior Designer born in Sweden who has been living and working in London since 2010. She has worked extensively and particularly in melding the historical and the new, renovating Manor Houses in Sweden maintaining their authenticity at the highest level of historic preservation with precise attention to furniture and finishes. Ms. Kugelberg has an in depth understanding of contemporary and modern art and has refurbished 18th century buildings that house private homes of contemporary art collectors in London and selected and supervised the hanging of modern art in museum installations. She has also worked collaboratively to design cozy spaces for luxury boutique hotels, as well as constructing a massive portable pavilion tent out of recycled ocean plastic for Parley for the Oceans, that is scheduled to be installed at the United Nations in New York City in June of this year. A significant thread that is to be found in all of her work is a profound understanding of materials and of the historical roots of things and places, making these elements sing in conjunction with modern art, design and life.